The Educational Wiki pages that I looked at were: Kindergarten Counting book, Schools in the past, Literature-in-the-Curriculum The Giving Tree, BHolden-Kennett Preschool Lesson Plans, daretodifferentiate Idea Sharing Page, and Wikitravel. I really enjoyed all of the pages that I visited… some of them were not editable or required permission prior to editing.

As I had said in my group I had never really paid enough attention to Wikipedia or who the Authors of the different articles were. All of the papers that I have had to write in during my last year in Grad school have required scholarly and peer-reviewed articles (my undergrad was 7 years ago and I don’t remember much about the papers I wrote then). I am pretty sure that my past professors would not accept Wikipedia as an acceptable place to collect data. But as I have explored these different pages I have become a little more excited about the different kinds of Wiki pages you can create and use.

One of the first pages I explored was the Kindergarten Counting book that was listed in our assignment page. I thought that this page was very simple but fun and a page like this was something that I may be able to use with my Pre-k students. I could use it as a lesson for counting I could explain what the wiki page was and then bring up the wiki page to show them what others had done. Then we could brain storm ideas of what objects we could use to make one of the numbers and so on. I was unclear about who exactly was adding to the page… I am assuming it was children and perhaps kindergarten classes but it was not very evident who was adding the pictures. In the “complete history” section was able to see that a few of the pictures were added by a math group and some ones class and some of the pictures on the main page had names below them and I assume they were names of children but again it was not clear. But overall I think it would be a very fun project for young children.

Another one of the pages I checked out was the Wikitravel and I found this site to be very interesting and pretty useful! It was well organized and much more complex than the kinder counting page. You are able to search the page for different places all over the world and while they may not have every city they had information on (as far as I can tell) all the different countries and many the different states and cities. Each of the different locations has general information about the location along with info about places to visit, stay, and eat etc. Wikitravel contains a Navigation bar on the side with links to different important parts of the site. I liked the project home page, it informed you of things you could do or add to the page. There was a link to area’s that need work, requests for info and pictures and such, articles that are being worked on and so on. It was defiantly a much more complex site with so much information.

The third page I will talk about is BHolden-Kennett page that contains many different lesson plans from infants to preschoolers. I personally really enjoyed this page because it is full of great lesson plan ideas that I can use and adapt to use with my preschool students. This page is different from the other two obviously because of the topics but also because you cannot add to or edit this page. It is only editable by its creator. This is something that I think is a great resource for teachers! I also think that this could be a great way for schools and different programs like Head Start could set up for teachers (obviously this would be editable by many people) to share lessons and ideas!

I had a great time exploring the Wiki pages and I look forward to exploring my new resources for lesson plan ideas!