I looked at many of the Wikis, however I had mixed reviews on some of them. For example, I opened the Smithsonian wiki expecting it to be fun and full of pictures and a virtual tour of some of the exhibits. To borrow a term from Communication Theory, the Benefit to Cost was not worth my time. the site was very busy in the way that abstract art is. I felt like my eyes were jumping all across the page trying to get the information I wanted. This would never be effective with students who are trying to acquire new information, not to mention my English Language Learners.

Another Wiki I looked at was the Primary Math. This was much better. This wiki allowed for students and teachers to work together to develop teaching practices. The page was organized in a way that allowed a reader to come in and immediately understand where all the information they need was stored. This wiki wasn't fully developed by any means, however I do feel that this format is one I may be able to use in my future. I see this as a viable addition to my website. I would love to be able to have parents, students and other teachers share their input on a way they learned or taught any given subject. This was a very cool format which will be adapted to fit my needs later on.

Finally, the third Wiki which I have chosen to write about was my absolute favorite; Room 15 Wiki. When you open this wiki the first thing you see is a menu of brightly colored options. The options are News and Events, Homework, Students Blogs, Teacher Blog, Brain Teasers, and Parent Help Desk. These are all great in themselves, although the best in my opinion is the student blog page. It seems to me that the students have freedom to place whatever they want on this page and have fun doing so. I t appears as though the students have been taught very well how to do this process and it was made easier by the fact that the layout is so simple to read.

I plan to use a student blog now on my website. Most likely through an attached wiki. I also plan to utilize wikis in my professional life while trying to collaborate with coworkers. I already tried, but we were on a time crunch and needed to find a way to meet in person. Maybe next time.